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Function Shoes


Product origin : CHINA

Delivery time : 20days

Supply capacity : 1000~2000pairs one day

Fashion shoes in recent years the shoe industry extends out of a shoe classification. The main features of the leather fabric-based, involving fashion men's shoes and fashion shoes, according to the process classified as machine Note popular fashion shoes, hand fashion shoes; according to raw materials are divided into leather fashion shoes, leather fashion shoes. The current fashion shoes business opportunities and the market is driven by the trend of the drive under the better developmen

Leather surface: the use of Napapi, film transfer, light repair dough, good water resistance, easy to clean and maintenance.

Soles: the use of polyurethane at the end, with low density, soft texture, comfortable and lightweight to wear; good dimensional stability, long shelf life; excellent wear resistance; excellent shock absorption, anti-skid performance; better temperature performance; Chemical properties, etc .; rubber at the end, strong wear-resistant, non-slip performance is good, inside the carbon particles are wear-resistant, rubber makes more flexible, tough. 


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