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Sports Shoes


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Sneakers are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of people participating in sports or tourism. Sneakers and ordinary shoes, shoes, shoes are different, are generally soft and flexible, can play a role in the buffer. Exercise can enhance the flexibility, and some can prevent ankle injury. Therefore, in the sports, most to wear sports shoes, especially high-intensity physical exercise, such as: basketball, running and so on.

Features  edit sports shoes lines

Sports shoes line features are: lines are complex, in various forms. There are single, double, fake lines, bright lines, dotted lines, contour lines, ridge lines, suture lines, decorative lines, etc., can be used in a pair of shoes, do not rigidly adhere to a. Mostly to the main arc, the proportion of less straight line.

Sports shoes color

The color of the sneakers is determined by the light reflected by the material itself. Designed for sports shoes

Sports shoes (5 photos) with the color of the unfair design style, design trends, but also make the sport's vision, entertainment greatly improved, while reflecting the movement itself lively, dynamic and bright features.

The color of sports shoes and shoes, shoes compared to the use of large color, wide range of colors with complex, rich visual characteristics, mainly in the following areas:

(1) color in the sports shoes to help the use of materials: sports shoes to help the surface of the material color than the use of comfortable, rich and diversified. Decorative color not only includes the common colors, but also a lot of use of metal color, laser laser, flash and so on.

(2) the use of color in the sports soles: shoes, shoes, the end of the color is mostly monochrome or two-color, sports shoes outsole for the 3-5 color. The choice of color range, the brightness of light, high purity. Color with no excessive restrictions, both pure a color, but also a variety of color combinations, especially in the shoes, shoes, difficult to see the color, in the use of frequent sports shoes, especially eye-catching, so full of Vitality and vitality.

(3) sports shoes packaging and promotion of the use of color: sports shoes is full of sports characteristics of the product, the movement itself is the goal of human life pursuit, so this product has a guide and encourage people to move up the characteristics. General sports shoes are very focused on the product and advertising color flexible and diverse, highlighting the characteristics of sports shoes and the sense of the times to stimulate the desire to buy consumers.

(4) Another feature of the color of sports shoes is closely linked with the fashion trend of clothing with sports shoes close attention to changes in fashion trends, by the impact of clothing fashion color. As a designer and producer of sports shoes, we should pay attention to the fashionable trend of fashionable fabric.

Decorative shoes

Sports shoes in the decoration, patterns, text, logo, metal and plastic parts can be used as decorative materials; decorative parts more freedom; decorative effect more eye-catching; decorative and more dynamic, stylish, colorful features; decorative parts toward the beautiful And functional combination of the direction of development.

Sports shoes outsole shape

Compared with the shoes, shoes compared to the end of the pattern both delicate two consecutive, the Quartet continuous fine pattern, there are geometric shapes rough, free patterns, there is no trace of the end of the light; both flat with the end, there are Slope with the end, as well as in the hanging bottom; part of the sports soles on the nail, rake device, some special sports shoes outsole installed pulleys, skates and iron frame and other functional devices. Leather shoes rarely use the soles of the wall, sports shoes wall is quite common, and the walls of the numerous patterns.

Sports shoes last

Sports shoes and shoe last shoe compared to the two changes in the shape of the larger differences. In order to facilitate the movement of the foot, sports shoes last before and after the degree of small degree of change, the bottom of the concave degree of change is also small, making the bottom of the degree of change curve is relatively gentle. In order to improve the capacity of the foot of the foot capacity, sports shoes last large circumference, making the last type full, last body back and forth to help the back of the larger angle. Sneakers last with the arc in the song more straight, in the lumbar fossa at the end of the corrugated line is also more straight. From the whole, the changes in sports shoes last focus on the forefoot and the front tip. From the last head shape, there are mainly pointed, round head, square head and square head four.

(1) round head mostly used for running training shoes, tennis training shoes, soccer shoes last type design.

(2) square head type is generally used for cycling shoes with the last type of design, are more typical of the special sports shoes last.

(3) square round head is generally used for ball sports shoes, such as basketball shoes. Because the front tip in the landing when the force, stability requirements are higher, round head sports shoes last is more used in sports shoes.

(4) pointed type is generally used for special track and field shoes with the last type of design, not suitable for high ground in the movement.

Sports shoes last change determines the head type of sports shoes, in general, unless the front of the sports shoes or the direction of movement have a higher demand, the round head, square head, round head can replace each other.

Sports shoes material

The use of sports shoes materials than shoes, shoes wide. Sports shoes materials in the face, textile materials, leather, leather, synthetic materials are widely used. In the outsole material, in addition to rubber, PU, PVC, but also a large number of EVA, TPR, SBS and other thermoplastic elastomers, polymer composites, functional materials. Accessories, metal parts, the use of plastic parts than shoes, shoes and so on to be more. At the same time, the functional requirements of sports shoes also greatly promoted the development of new varieties of materials.


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